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Dressy Summer Sandals in Gold, Silver, Black and More


VC – Diane icon

Not only to do I have to look stylish everyday, I want to, but my days are full of speed walking. I don’t have time for nilly willy strolling when I am charging my clients an hourly rate. I have literally scared sales associates in stores with the speed in which I pull clothing before my client arrives. Even after I bring the client into the dressing room, it’s usually me switching out the sizes or grabbing that other colored denim. I just don’t trust my sales gal/guy to move as fast as me. The shoe I feel most comfortable rushing around in is a flip flop, but I can’t pair a flip flop with my work attire. My “with clients” style  calls for a heel, but heels can’t keep up with me. No matter the height, a heel changes my strut and slows me down. The solution to my firey pace and stylish needs is the dressy sandal. The right one feels like a flip flop, but compliments the tone of a chic dress. I have 12 pairs of said sandal. Let’s get you started on your collection.


Vince Camuto – Jordies

Alfani – Heather


Vince Camuto – Mollan

Naturalizer - Annie
Naturalizer – Annie

Aerosoles - Chlambake
Aerosoles – Chlambake


Vince Camuto – Malinda


BCBGeneration – Allandra


Cole Haan – Molly

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