Now that we have the movie review out of the way, let’s find out where to get a sweet piece of Sex And The City 2’s fashion action.

One item spotted that is available to the average consumer at a relatively decent price is this silver Ecoist handbag/tote ($178) that Samantha (Kim Cattrall) carried while shopping for a red carpet dress in the film.

“We chose the Silver Mega because its very modern, the proportion is perfect, it went great with her’s got a very glamorous look, day glamour” said Danny Santiago, Sex and the City’s stylist.


Day glamour is the perfect description of this utilitarian, modern and fabulous bag that not only creates a stylish appearance, but also cleans up the environment. Founded in 2004, Ecoist is a Miami-based eco-design company that “upcycles” waste to make durable fashionable handbags and other accessories. Ecoist’s lines are made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages and soda labels and its growing list of partners such as Coca-Cola, Mars, Frito Lay, and Disney, among others. Obviously, the company’s objective is to merge design with environmental consciousness to provide stylish, yet functional, products.

I’m personally a little over the obvious candy wrapper look, but I absolutely adore the one toned versions like the Silver Mega that Samantha carried. Fabulous day, fabulous for beach, fabulous for travel.