Sex and the City Two has earned it's bad reviews. The HBO series known for pushing social boundaries with the female sex and fashion has birthed a film sequel that has scant to do with it's roots. Unbelievable and downright silly are a couple of the adjectives cropping up for Sex and The City Two. 

I would also like to add to the reviews: adventurous, hilarious and fun! It wasn't as smart or realistic as I would have liked it to be but, I am a huge fan of ridiculous. My main concern was the fashion. It was about a 50-50 split between fabulous and cool peices versus dated and unflattering looks. That's a low percentage, even for Patricia Field

Pictured above is a good example of the fashion mix. Samantha looks pretty fabulous, Carrie has a forward fun look, Miranda's outfit should be burned for how dated and irrelevant it is and Charlotte's looks is predictably cute. This is the kind of fashion confusion you will see repeatedly through the film.I found myself saying this in my head as I scanned each costume change: Bad, cool, horrible, interesting, dated, awesome, kind of cool if it was styled differently, dated, ugly, unflattering, cool, terrible, that's fine…

Let's end the review with some of the cool looks – pictured below.