When I thought about my blog for 4th of July the
first and only image that came to my mind was a Fables by Barrie bathing suit.
I have never seen patriotic colors look cuter! The American flag triangle bikini takes a back seat to this sailor suit.

Wear this pin-up inspired swimwear to your pool party, beach
fiesta, or any wet activity.  Besides
the fact that they are flattering, you don’t have to worry about being indecent
in front of children. While the Brazilian cut goes wild, Fables keeps it old-school with conservative lines, charming details and creative designs.

Launched by the sprightly and adorable Barrie Kaufman, Fables
by Barrie is an American made product that brings about a feeling of fantasy in
the wearer as well the people around them. Loving the mood of Fables? Check out
her rompers, dresses and bustiers to boot.