Women: Vena Cava printed khaki dress - motorcross khaki

For a bit of time now, Gap has not been exciting me, particularly when it comes
women’s dresses. So, imagine my delight and surprise when I saw this
Vena Cava printed khaki dress available online. 

Granted it
was a collaboration between Gap and
Vena Cava designers (Lisa Mayock and Sophie
Buhal), but I am still excited to see the Gap tag on it. I swear that place was
downright empty when I last walked through.

Dress the
frock up or down by switching out heels for flats and feel free to wear it for work or weekend. Purchasing pieces versatile like this is key when every
penny counts. Beyond that though, it’s always efficient to own fewer things that do more.

As a side note, I have not seen the dress in person. If you see it
before me, let me know if it fits nicely or if the fabric is a bit stiff.