Newspaper Dress 

Earth day is tomorrow! Yay earth. I want to remind my stylish readers a few things you can do to be an environmental babe. 

1) Cut down on your consumerism. Think carefully before you buy something. Do you need this? Don't buy something unless you love it and wear it often. When you buy something and never wear it whether it was $5 or $500 you are adding more useless garbage to the world.

2) Check your tags. Fashion is a earth killing process so when you can buy organic cotton, natural dyes and so on you are doing a favor for the world.

3) Shop at consignment stores, thrift stores and resale shops. Talk about direct recycling. This is great for the environment!

4) Donate your unused goodies. If you aren't wearing something you should sell or donate it, even if it is super fabulous or cost a lot. By doing this you are making the consignment market more attractive and encouraging recycle shopping.

5) Use an earth friendly dry cleaner.

6) Pick Eco-conscious brands over naughty brands. Earth friendly labels include: Stella McCartney, Ecoist, Amana, Matt and Nat, Design by Micha, Smart Glass and hundreds more. Support these fabulous designers!