Last night I saw a pre screening of The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin. Although there are numerous funny occurrences and one screaming good scene, the middle drags and the cheese factor reaches uncomfortable levels. Plus most of the movie is unrealistic both emotionally and physically. The desirable side, there is an unconventional hot guy and Jennifer Lopez is truly looking fabulous.


The costume designer Karen Patch chose a sexy bohemian look for this baby hungry crazy woman. With fake eyelashes, Jennifer Lopez as Zoey begins the movie in a Missoni-esque thigh length sweater belted over a simple dress with killer black boots. A fabulous look.


She is also shown wearing a shoulder bearing jumpsuit with harem pants that I must have! Her jewelry is marvelous too with a leather wrap bracelet and fabulous gold earrings used a couple different times throughout the movie. As a pregnant woman her style takes a bit of a downturn, but her short sleeve trench is a must have for any woman with or without child. She also did look quite good as pregnant bridesmaid. Anyone with a pregnant bridesmaid should check out this movie.

Basically, if you adore Jennifer Lopez, you will love this movie, if you don’t you won’t. The Back-Up Plan opens in select markets tomorrow, Friday.


I saw this movie for free.