I just returned from the east coast for my yearly peak at the goings on in New York and the fashion that goes with it. I wiggled through the Occupy Wall Street Movement, dress code ranging from casual chic to controversial. I witnessed Sex and The City's Patricia Field's personal style first hand. I roared at the Comedy Cellar alongside comfortable style. I drank at the Plaza next to the over dressed and over charged. I attended the Greater Refuge Temple Sunday service to enjoy the extravagnat singing, foot stomping and tambourine waving of the women in skirt suits and extravagant hats. Lastly, I attended the opening of the Denim Habit boutique in the Meat Packing District. In between all the adventures, I shopped the many areas of Manhattan. My purchases will be featured on Wednesday. For now, Enjoy the traveling pictures and please excuse the non fashion images, I just thought they were fun.