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Fashion Zest Interviews Vanessa of V-Style


I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I just became overwhelmed with joy. I am so happy with what I do and am so grateful that not only do I get to physically work with fashion, I get to write about it too and people actually read it. The world has only been blogging for about a decade and it is amazing the doors it has opened for communication. Ten years ago most people did not have this kind of access to a personal stylist, and a personal stylist wouldn’t have this kind of audience. (Granted a lot more interesting and important occurrences has happened in the last ten years, but that is not our focus at the moment).

I think today’s joy for my blog was sparked by an interview Fashion Zest wrote on me concerning V-Style. To read the original interview click here

Interview with Vanessa Valiente from V-Style

by Jenny of Fashion Zest on February 26, 2010

FashionZest got an opportunity to interview fashion stylist and blogger Vanessa Valiente from V-Style, to hear more about her blog and her view on fashion!

Jenny: Lets start by hearing a little about yourself… who is Vanessa Valiente?
Vanessa: I am a wardrobe stylist and fashion writer with a love of humor.

Jenny: What led you to write about / be involved in the fashion industry?
Vanessa: I have always loved fashion, how cliche, and although I began with a communications degree in college I changed it to Film with an emphasis in Costume Design to reflect that love. From there I jumped into Television and film, then added print styling and personal styling
to the roster of what I do.

Jenny: So what is V-Style all about?
Vanessa: V-Style is all about fashion and beauty including news about up & coming lines as well as twists to the long standing brands, product reviews, where to find what a celebrity wore, fashion how to’s, outfit ideas, cheap and fabulous, stylish eco friendly finds and so on. It’s the blog you go to to find out about everything fashion from the mouth of a successful fashion stylist.

Jenny: How did V-Style start?
Vanessa: I started V-Style for my clients as a personal stylist. This was a way for my clients who I don’t always see get advice and my opinions daily. It also gave my services great exposure. From there it became this popular fashion blog that lots of people love and read.

Jenny: What do you hope to achieve with V-Style?
Vanessa: I want people to think of V-Style as an honest blog. This is a conversation between a personal stylist and the reader. I want V-Style to be the blog women turn to for positive, personal and professional fashion advice and news.

Jenny: How would you describe your personal style?
Vanessa: My personal style is incredibly diverse. One day I am chic and sophisticated, another day I am funky casual, but generally my look is very clean (not overly complicated.) I usually wear dresses or leggings. I favor rich colors and wild prints and you will rarely see me in jeans
– I find jeans to be uncomfortable. I mix old and new and never buy basics. I am attracted to items I feel I will never see again. I love an untraceable look where you don’t know who made it or where it came from.

Jenny: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
Vanessa: Movies are my greatest fashion influence. I don’t have one person I look to or think of when I imagine great fashion, instead I picture outfits. Audrey Hepburn dancing in her cigarette pants in Funny Face, Meg Ryan throughout the movie Addicted To Love, Sarah Jessica Parker in numerous moments throughout the Sex And The City series, Sharon Stone in Casino, Angelina Jolie in Hackers, and so on.

Jenny: Which is your favorite fashion designer at the moment, and why?
Vanessa: I hate to name one designer because I never love all their designs, and once again it is about moments. Every designer has their moments (and their flubs). Put me in any store, ANY store, and I will find something marvelous, but right now I am loving Jonathan Saunders and Jason Wu for their colors, patterns, lines and fun.

Jenny: What current fashion trends do you like and dislike the most at the moment?
Vanessa: It’s hard for me to think of what I dislike because I am always focusing on what I am drawn to versus what I am not, but I would have to say I dislike the sky high heel trend that has been going on for some time. It’s not comfortable so I want everyone to get over it. I dress fashionably because of the way it makes me feel. If I feel uncomfortable or restricted from the pace I want to walk, I do not feel stylish or sexy. I am way too busy to waddle around on 4 inch heels and deal with blisters.

Jenny: What would be the one fashion tip you would give to a friend?
Vanessa: Balance your look. If you have volume on the bottom, put on a slim fitting top and vice versa. If you are wearing statement earrings, best bet is to skip the necklace, etc.

Jenny: And finally… as the creator of V-Style, where do you see the site in 5 years time?
Vanessa: In 5 years I see V-Style as being more popular than the rag blogs. I see negativity and celebrity gossip obsession giving way to an appreciation of real fashion advice and news with a positive edge.

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  1. P.L. Kennedy says:

    Proud of you. Giving the people what they/we want, keeping a grounded self awareness. xo.

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