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Perfume Dangers


Do you wear perfume? I don't for a few reasons. First off, I rely on my hair products, body lotion and body wash to bring a subtle feminine smell to myself (and deodorant, of course). I can't imagine putting perfume on top of the four items already giving off scents. Second, I am allergic to most perfumes (and cologne) and often get a headache if I put it on. Which brings me to the last reason. I don't want to offend people.

Perfume stinks and it sticks to you. I hate hugging someone and then having their smell on me until I change clothes and shower. Most people don't even care for the same smell so by wearing a strong perfume you are irritating half the people in the room. Unlike bad fashion, you can't get away from someone with an ill chosen scent. It will trail after you. You can simply turn away from an out-of-style outfit, but if a perfumed woman or cologned man is in your vicinity nothing short of plugging your nose will solve the issue.

If you really want to add a scent to your person I recommend relying on lotions, creams, hair products, washes or, if you must, a body spray instead of perfume. These types of smells are weak and will only be picked up by the nose if the person gets really close to you. That is a whole sexier than smelling someone from five or more feet away. 

Have you ever walked into Abercrombie & Fitch? Those bastards have spritzed every inch of that place. I feel as if walking into that store is a form of torture with their ear bursting music and suffocating smell. Have you noticed that the people that work there don't seem to care or notice? They have lost their hearing and they are used to that smell. That is how women can get with their scents – you get used to it and start putting more and more on. Not awesome for the people around you. Stick to the 1 foot rule. If someone can smell you – good or bad – from more than a foot away, tone it down.

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