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Stylish Camera Bags

Pictured with Joel Mesina

Before leaving for New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I finally went in search of fashionable camera bags. It has been on my to-do list for quite some time to upgrade my camera bag. I use a beautiful Canon Rebel to shoot my V-Style worthy subjects, but my camera case has not been beautiful or worthy. I have found myself hesitating to bring my camera to events with it enclosed in such a utilitarian piece of crap. Yes, the black Opteka keeps my Canon fantastically safe, but it rates a zero on my chic meter. After extensive searching, I found two utterly fabulous and perfect camera bags to accompany me to New York Fashion Week Events.

Jo Totes is the absolute go-to for stylish camera bags. I was sent the Abby bag in mint. The mint color is delicious, the size is perfect and I love the movable velcro sectionals inside. I also adore the light weight and the many zippers, especially the outside zipper. I only wish it was real leather, but at $89, I won’t complain too much. This will be my main bag for New York as it is well suited for a busy, walk around all day, carry everything with you kind of bag.

My other discovery is the Camera Purse by LeatherFinerWork on Etsy. Made to order, this vintage cowboy look is my go to in San Diego. Where as New York fashion week means leaving your house at noon to walk, subway, and cab to various destinations all day, not to return home until 3am, I drive a car in San Diego and live in the middle of all the happenings. I simply stick my phone, ID and money into the bag’s side pockets and I’m off. This is even more light weight and I love the compact size. I would barely notice I had my camera if it weren’t for people constantly complimenting me on the bag.


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