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Patricia Field Styles Helen Yarmak Furs

Patricia Field Styles Helen Yarmak Furs

I love Patricia Field’s adoration of trashy looks and luxury furs. I am always pushing chic and unique simplicity, but sometimes you just want to be decadent, ridiculous and even a little slutty. Although I struggle with the idea of fur, I do not struggle with the glamour and melting softness of the furs presented at Helen Yarmak’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Furs in summer? Yes, as long as you pair them with skimpy dresses and baseball hats as that’s what happens when Patricia Field styles Helen Yarmak furs. I certainly felt at home surrounded by scantily clad women in large furs, as that is my outfit of choice for writing throughout winter, but the difference between my vintage fur at home and Helen’s modern pelts are extensive. Whereas I have a simple cream rabbit fur, Helen provides patterns involving checkerboards, stripes, color blocking and a series of different animals from mink and fox to lamb and ermine. The collection is said to combine the traditional Tzar’s luxury of sable with the advanced modern technologies and designs.

Between the elaborate styling and furs dripped everywhere, I assumed my eyes had enough to feast on, but I found myself consistently distracted by the fabulously dressed guests, view from the top, and Vanessa Williams inquiring about Patricia Field’s hurt arm in a silk scarf sling of her own design. At one point, a beer was dropped near a woman in a lengthy fur vest. I’ve never seen so many useless people as the stylish masses froze in horror at the possibility of beer hitting the fur. As they concluded no beer touched the pelt, movement was regained, the glass was picked up, and the woman whose garment was in danger grinned at the miss. “Save the sable!” She declared to the party.

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