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Fashionable Invitations and Stationery


I hate to detour from clothing, but I have been so impressed with something fashionable outside of fabric. The past few months I have seen numerous invitations via snail mail that are full of style. I have received beautiful wedding invitations, elegant birthday invites and funky bridal shower envelopes.

I suppose I started thinking about this in December when my mom forwarded me a blog post from Rowdy Kittens¬†about the lost art of writing letters. I finished reading it, wiped a tear from my eye and wrote my mom a letter. She sent one back a few days later. The I sent one, then she sent two, then I sent one…

Peacock-invitationsDavid’s Bridal

We write letters to each other now, even though we talk on the phone and e-mail through out the month. I had forgotten how fun it is to get a letter. Then my girlfriend, Annette, visited from Colorado with her husband. They stayed at my place, I cooked them dinner and we had a wonderful time. Shortly after I received a thank you card. I have known her ten years and she has never sent me a thank you card. It still sits on my desk now because I am so impressed by her thoughtfullness.

E-vites and e-mails and text messages and phone calls have saved many pounds of paper and tons of time, but the most stylish way of communicating will always be the hand held note. My friends Mindy, Beck and Jempy all know this.

Next time you want to throw a party, say hello, thank someone or have an event, here are some paper and invitations you might want to use instead of the digital version.


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