When I was in New York last summer, I popped into a Twinkle by Wenlan sample sale and bought this stunning printed silk skirt. It was a silly purchase. It costs too much, it's in a weird size making it sit neither at my waist or my hips and hits past my knees. Months and months passed without owning the right top nor finding it to buy.


Then I was in Macy's and saw a new brand they are carrying Bar 111. I didn't have the skirt with me, but I knew this might be the top that completes the skirt. I didn't feel it was too economically irresponsible to buy a top specifically for one skirt because it could definitely be used by itself. The color does not match, but it compliments. I do feel bumbly that the skirt only has one top that goes with it, but I will just think of it as a dress with separates.