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Flat Shoes For Hot Rainy Weather

flats shoes for hot rainy weather

Hunter Ballet Flats $87

A few weeks ago I was getting a client ready for her move from San Diego to Virginia. In the middle of our last appointment, she asked me what to wear in the rain. “Boots,” I said. “Even in the summer?” she countered. No, not in the summer heat. “So what shoes do I wear in the rain during the summer?” she asks again. Let me preface my response with, I have been to the east coast in the summer almost every year for ten years, but apparently I have been spoiled with sweaty sweaty heat and very little rain. I have certainly encountered the rain, but it never really affected my footwear with it’s sporadic and sparse trickling. I basically told her most everything, with the exception of suede, could be worn in the rain (sprinkling rain, or a jaunt across the street during slightly heavier rain). Towards the end of our shoe session, it became my joke that she could wear every single shoe I picked out in the rain, even ones she couldn’t. After she would put on a shoe I liked, I would say, “Cute! You could wear those in the rain.” She gave me odd looks. I think only I thought it was funny. A few days later, I was off to Boston to experience another hot summer on the east coast. This time though, I made a note to really look at people’s feet during the sprinkles of rain I have experienced in the past. To the benefit of my research, two days in, I finally experienced an east coast summer downpour that did not come from my armpits. The sky sure did open up and hand me a torrential rain, and plenty of personal inspiration for this blog on flat shoes for hot rainy weather.

Just like me, most of the people I saw in this walking city really didn’t attractively prepare for that kind of heavy rain, and some didn’t prepare at all. I saw numerous pairs of leather ballet flats getting soaked, and plenty of plastic flip-flops (I too, was in flip flops during the storm). I also saw a lot of people in running shoes. Thankfully, I saw one stylish maven. She was stunning with her thick, long, straight black hair protected under a clear umbrella. She paired her natural beauty with a cute tee, light weight raincoat, chic shorts and tall forest green Hunter boots. I loved the look of the tall rain boots with shorts. I pass that tip onto to you. Below are a few of my favorite water proof shoes, but there is also Nordstrom’s collection of waterproof flats and the Melissa brand that specializes in very stylish waterproof flats as well as heels, which I couldn’t help but add at the bottom.

flats for rainy hot weather

Crocs Adrina Flat $35.99

boots for summer rain

Hunter Original $148


Melissa $155

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