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Best Skincare For Dry Acne Prone Skin


The best skincare for dry acne prone skin eluded me for about 6 years. Prior to that, I had illustrious skin that never needed a single product. It was one of my best assets, that and my back. Then I got back fat and my skin exploded. It’s been an interesting journey filled with different products. I would like to preface my recommendations with the fact that I have not tried everything out there, and I did not try a lot of “more affordable” options, although I did find some. As for the expensive items, I am sure there are more affordable versions out there, but after going to war with my skin for 6 years, once I found something that worked, I was hooked and too scared and tired to research beyond these great results.

Best Face Wash For Dry Acne Prone Skin

I used Cetaphil’s Gentle Cleanser for years, but it still left my face a bit too dry. I felt like it got me so dry it encouraged blemishes. I have no idea if that is true, I just know that if my skin is too dry, I break out. It’s a special gift. I have also tried The Oil Cleansing Method, although awesome and pretty affective, it still gave me a few blemishes here and there. When I say blemishes, I am referring to red dots or tiny zits that say, “Hey! Didn’t like that. Keep looking lady.”

I now use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser ($10). I adore it, and I only need the smallest drop to wash my face. With Cetaphil, I had to use a quarter size, probably four or five more times than I use with Kiehl’s. The Ultra Facial Cleanser dries out my face the least of any facial cleanser I have ever tried and it makes my skin feel clean and smooth.

Best Make-Up Remover for Dry Skin (And Eye “Cream”)

Oils in skincare is very popular right now and for good reason, my god they work. I used to use coconut oil for removing make-up, but sometimes it got into my eye (made me blink a lot) and in the winter it’s annoying because it solidifies. While trying out The Oil Cleansing Method, I discovered Sweet Almond Oil ($6). I absolutely love this oil. It is my favorite oil, and it also works as an eye moisturizer when left on the eyes. I usually start my cleansing process with the Sweet Almond Oil. I put it all over my eyes and wherever else I have applied make-up. Even if I haven’t worn eye make-up I put it on my eyes. It just makes my eyelashes so lush! And it doesn’t seem possible, but it seems to lighten the darkness underneath my eyes. After I use the Sweet Almond Oil, I put water all over my face and then cleanse my face. I rarely use cleanser on my eye lids, so some of the almond oil will stay on my eye lids and eyelashes. I keep a bottle in the shower as well as by my sink. If I use it in the shower, I use the oil on my elbows and arms after I have applied it to my eyes and face. When I step out of the shower, between the running water and my towel wipe down, my arms aren’t too oily, just hydrated.

Other Products For Dry Acne Prone Skin

I wanted a product for the scars and sunspots that have been forming on my face. The scars comes from those stupid six years of acne, and the sun spots come from, you know, the sun. I started using Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Hydrating Moisture Emulsion ($58) and I am very pleased. It doesn’t seem to do much for the spots, but it makes my skin more even and more youthful. I’ll take it.

I also use Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate ($56) on my forehead and only my forehead. The rest of my skin will get a red dot or two, but not my forehead, which is the only place I really need help with wrinkles anyway. I use it only at night as I like to use the Clearly Corrective Hydrating Moisture Emulsion for day. I don’t mix the two.

best skincare for dry acne prone skin

The Best Ever Moisturizer For Dry Acne Prone Skin (The KEY To The Best Skincare for Dry Acne Prone Skin)

How I moisturize is the most important part in all of this (second important is my facial cleanser). I now use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($46) every night in combination with Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream ($18). This combination is what turned my skin around. My skin is so incredibly FRESH when I wake up. I will never stop using this.

The Best Ever Sunscreen For Faces with Acne Prone Dry Skin

Sunscreen is so important to me, but the past few years I have been skimping on it or skipping it all together to avoid the blemishes and sticky feel of it. Thankfully, I was recently sent Radical Skincare’s Skin Perfecting Screen with an SPF 30 ($55). This is literally the one and only sunscreen I have tried that does not give me blemishes. My skin is actually happy wearing it. Maybe its the crushed diamond powder in it, or the antioxidants and anti-aging actives in it. Either way, it’s worthy of a party, an outdoor party. I am so excited to no longer have blemish fear when applying sunscreen and I love that it is a non-chemical sunscreen. I am back to wearing sunscreen daily. I am thoroughly ecstatic.

On heavy sun days, I use Katie Somerville’s Daily Deflector SPF 50, but it gives me a few blemishes if I apply too much. It is still in my arsenal against the sun, but trumped by Miss Radical for daily use.

The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Since I am on the topic of beauty, I had to share the newest addition to my beauty regime: Veria ID Utterly Quenched Hand & Body Lotion ($10). I have never been so hydrated by a lotion before. It’s tagline, for skin that’s born dry, is aptly used. It is a little bit thick, yet absorbs quickly for yummy skin. I used to use Aveeno Body Lotion SPF 15, and I had to go back to Aveeno this past weekend while I was away. I couldn’t believe the difference. I was actually kind of grossed out by Aveeno now that I have been using Veria ID for the past two months. I used to really like Aveeno, but I couldn’t believe how it wouldn’t absorb and it made me feel sticky. My boyfriend actually had to take my legs off his lap because he was scared my lotioned up legs would ruin his trousers. That made me sad. Perhaps the Aveeno lotion was sticky from being in my travel kit for 6 months, but I can never go back. Seriously, thank you Veria ID for sending me that lotion. I am so very pleased. And unlike a lot of my other favorite products, it is totally affordable. As for my body sunscreen, I use Banana Boat Sport SPF 30 ($7). It goes on well, does it’s job and doesn’t break out the skin on my body.

In summary…

My Morning Ritual In This Order

My Bedtime Ritual In This Order

My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from companies or PR firms. In this case I was sent samples from Radical Skincare, Veria ID and Katie Somerville. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it. I purchased all other products mentioned in this post. 

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