DRESS: Urban Outfitters, BELT: Aldo, PURSE: Aldo, SHOES: Seychelles, EARRINGS & RING: Ariella

Flower prints can be too girly and cut-outs can be too retro rocker, but combine the two and we have ourselves a bite of heaven. At first try on, I thought the dress might be too young with its short hem and feminine shades. I wouldn’t have even questioned this purchase ten years ago, but I am no longer that giggly gal. Although it took a moment, the contradiction of the cut-outs with the artistic smearing and twisting of the floral pattern sold me on it’s modernity.

It’s perfect for those sweeter moods that often come with dates and garden parties or it can be paired with sandals for a more casual lunch look. As you can see, I have brought out the pink tones of the pattern with rose gold jewelry and blush colored heels and purse, but light grey or white accessories can also work.

It seems silly to post about such a warm weather look with the hurricane on the east coast, but San Diego is steamy. It seems east and west have gone polar. This is why I always say, dress for the weather, not the season. Anyone in boots or pants today was sweating and silly in front of the bold sun’s backdrop.

Vanessa-valientePhotos by Robin Dayley