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Personal Style Profile – David McClory

personal style profile - david mcclory

Name: David McClory

Occupation: “I work for a local UK government in Emergency Planning/Disaster Management. I manage a small team who plan, prepare and respond to major emergencies in East London, mainly seeking to protect the welfare of residents during evacuations. It’s a job with a mixture of office based desk work and out-doors all weather field work, which means I wear a range of outfits depending on what I’m up to on any given day.”

Wearing: “The jacket and waistcoat are from The Kooples and are my two favorite clothing items. The Kooples are a French brand that has recently branched out in the UK. It is incredibly well made and stylish clothing that is tailored on Saville Row for the quintessential English feel. The shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt, and jeans are Levi’s 506 recently bought in the USA. Finally, the boots are from Nushu, bought at River Island as a chance purchase for a fancy dress costume that I’ve grown attached to. The hat is from Uniqlo, I don’t think people wear enough hats anymore. I bought the belt at a vintage second hand shop on Brick Lane (a great place for vintage clothing shops). Finally, the sunglasses are Ray-Ban aviators I found buried in the garden when I was 8 and I’ve kept them ever since.”

Personal Style: “I guess I’d describe my style as Brit Geek Chic with a bit of American ruggedness thrown in. It wasn’t particularly planned. I started wearing suit jackets with jeans for those days at work where I knew I would be doing field work. It’s evolved since then. It’s taken a long time to find a style that suits me and that I’m comfortable in. Bringing a dash of smart to my wardrobe has transformed me into something a little more fashionable, more by accident than design.”

Favorite Brand/Store: “Definitely The Kooples. Every time I go in there and try something on I’m amazed and my bank account is horrified.”

Favorite Fashion Trick/Secret: “My hair. I used to fight it, trying to keep it short and neat. Now, I let it do its own thing, let it grow and curl. Its become part of my style and helped define me. Also, don’t be afraid to be a little different, I find it’s better to stand out than to fade into the background. One of the best things I did was to be brutal with my wardrobe. Last year, I threw out/gave away more clothes than I kept. It forced me to restyle myself.”

On A Woman: “In brutal simplicity, heels and smart is always jaw dropping. But that’s a little simplistic. Really, the women who catch my eye and captivate me are those with a quirky sense of originality, whether its in their style, hair or smile. Also, I love the color purple, I can’t take my eyes off it.”





Personal Style Profiles feature folks with a strong sense of fashion. These individuals are not my clients.

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  1. Sometimes i forget that i do actually have some pretty nice threads.

    1. You have great style, David. 🙂

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