Florence Welch in Tadashi Shoji

The world is saying Adele is number, and she is definitely up there, but my number one draw-me-in muscian is Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. Her music moves me, as does her fashion. Taking a gander at the Florence at her MSN Vegas after party, I was reminded of how fabulous she is and how fun it is to pile rings on your hands. The elegance of wearing one ring, will always be fabulous, but I miss the wild aplomb of ring décor so popular in the nineties. I threw on a handful to write this post. They feel cold and clumsy, but fun nonetheless. They will warm up in a second.

When you pile on large rings, interchange them with smaller rings or a blank digit, like I have done below. It's more flattering and comfortable for your fingers.


For more Florence fashion and music inspiration, I like to reference her Shake It Out music video…