I don’t usually want to be a giant, but I made an exception for these sensational Kimichi Blue wedges from Urban Outfitters. This pattern called to me like a Warbling Antbird singing for a lover. They are not all that flattering for bare legs, making a skirt or dress pairing your last option. Instead, I have been wearing them with blue jeans and yellow pants. For the top portion of the outfit, I have used shades of dark red and blues. You may think white or black would go well with these shoes, but it won’t be as inventive or forward thinking as red, blue or yellow.

To answer your comfort queries, I have worn them here and there with solid reviews of contentment, but the real test was this past Saturday. I hit three wineries and an unusually persistent after party. Throughout this fifteen hour drink fest, I foraged through grass, gravel and dance floors without a blister or  complaint. I did stumble numerous times, but I blame my beverage, not the shoes.

I puchased these from Urban Outfitters at full price.