The color grey usually calls for silver jewelry, but when the grey garment has a bright gold zipper marching down it's front it may throw you off. The answer is quite simple, match your jewelry and shoes to the zipper. For my client pictured above, I paired gold toned jewelry and shoes to go with her Rachel Roy sweater. Basically if your zipper is gold, wear gold jewelry. If your zipper is bronze, wear bronze jewelry. If your zipper is silver, wear silver jewelry. But keep in mind, because this garment reads as two tone, two tone jewelry and shoes are a fabulous choice as well. As you can see on my client's right foot is a mixed colored wedge of gold, silver and bronze. The silver goes with the grey of the garment, the gold goes with the zipper and the bronze is the cherry on top – an extra color thrown in to wake up the simplicity of the neutral jeans and tank.