Rodebjer $435

The caftan is a dramatic and periodically fabulous garment that can sit in stores and closets everywhere for lack of occasion to wear such a thing. I can sense a couple of you thinking… what is a caftan again? The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion defines the caftan (or kaftan) as a long, full robe with a slit neckline that is often decorated with embroidery and has long or three-quarter length sleeves that widen at the hem. It is based on a garment worn by men in North Africa and/or the Middle East and was adopted by American women in the 1960’s.

As with any traditional garment or trend, once it is introduced to a foreign culture, designers must revisit and rework it time and time again to make it modern and fashionable, while still having some semblance to the original Meditarrenean garb. A lovely example is this Agave black rose print silk caftan dress by Rodebjer.

Now, when do you wear this extraordinary Rodebjer caftan? I adore a women that throws a party in a caftan. Any kind of party: bridal, tupperware, cocktail, house warming, birthday – you name it. Nothing is more fabulous then a hostess in a dynamite caftan. Barefoot in a caftan with flowing hair and chic make-up creates an ambience of comfortable glamour.