How To Cure Cold Weather Blues

Winter weather, particularly London’s winter weather, can dampen your mood as well as the streets. As I watch the specks of slushy wetness of tonight’s forecasted snow melt on impact along the cobblestones, I wish I had packed more clothing. More out of arrogance of skill rather than necessity, I packed the least amount of clothing possible to last me two weeks in London. Although initially fabulous, wearing the same various combinations over and over have worn heavy on my heart. Between the dreary weather and my now boring outfits, I need a refresh. I must leave my planned combinations aside, and dive into a slipshod look more in line with an urban party girl, then my usual personal style. The black and white tiger print top will now be paired with Marc Jacobs leopard print leggings. To ensure warmth, I will wear another pair of leggings underneath and top it all off with my brown puff jacket and my black boots. This top was not intended for these pants and I rarely combine black and brown, but excitement is needed. When cold weather knocks you down, you must fight back with unusual layers of color, print and texture. At Marni’s fragrance launch this week, Alexa Chung embodied the battle against cold perfectly with her various separates and wild loafers. Tomorrow, I will follow her footsteps and seek out a ridiculous pair of warm shoes. The moist cobblestones will enjoy the change. As will I. This is how to cure cold weather blues