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How To Find The Perfect Boot

Naya Virtue Boot $113.86

I am hunting boots. Much like Elmer Fudd in his pursuit of Bugs Bunny, I’m obsessed with catching one in particular. I want the perfect tall, but not too tall, light brown boot. I am searching everywhere from Brand Boudoir to Nordstrom. In order to find, try on and buy my perfect boot, I have ordered two large orders from Zappos. I have also ordered a medium sized selection from Nordstrom and plan to try on many a boot tomorrow at Macy’s. You see, I need to try on thirty boots before I buy becasue we shouldn’t have a lot of boots. Heels? Go wild, bring in another pair. Flats? Even better! Can’t have too many, I wear out flats so fast… but a boot – a boot is a very special thing. First of all, boots take up a lot of space, therefore you want less. Just like an Ivy League college, if you can only let in a small percentage of the applicants, you want the best. In creating this small collection, get ready to spend money. You can absolutely tell the difference between a cheap boot and an investment boot. Embrace the investment and in doing so beceome even more selective. You don’t want to regret dropping that $300, $500, or $700. A boot at this price is going to last. It will mold to your foot. You will oil it. You will resole it when it gets sad. You can have this boot for life, so your pickiness will be well worth it. The result of your diligence in your search will produce a beautiful or eccentric, wonderfully durable and perfectly luxurious boot.

When seeking boot perfection, make sure every angle satisfies you. Don’t focus on the profile, look at the front view as well. Take a look at the back. Look at the threads, the construction and the inner workings as well. Look how it bends when you walk, and make sure it has the right height and shaft circumference. If you are tall, Frye caters to your 5′ 10″ stature. If you are short, try a mid-calf boot. If you have muscular or narrow calves, request this from your sales associate, but best to go online and specifically search for wide or narrow calf boots.

When searching online, look everywhere. Try every department store (Macy’s is far better in person though), amazon.com and Zappos. If you still can’t find your personal perfection, try resources you may not have looked at before like Bell Shoes, Lotus Shoesshoes.com and Ann Taylor. Never settle.

Although I have yet to find my perfect tall, but not too tall, light brown boot in my vicious boot seeking, I did find my perfect dark brown heeled day boot at Nordstrom. Besides it’s perfect rugged elegance and fabulous sale price, I love the butter soft leather and its recycled properties. This Naya boot has a recycled cork sole and biodegradable insole.

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