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Better may not be the right word, but there is plenty of men’s items that add oodles of style to a woman’s wardrobe. Dating back to Rococo men in heels and women forbidden to wear pants, it is only natural to pilfer further into the men’s side of the closet.


Giant gold watches from the 70’s rest perfectly on the wrist of a woman. Now it’s time to tread on their silver counterparts. Try a giant silver watch this season.

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You’re thinking handbags are for women. Well, men have bags too and they are gorgeous. At Stuart’s of London you will see fabulous Barbour leather bags from carry-on’s to computer bags. It is Bohemian chic for a woman to carry such rugged sophistication.


Come fall, throw on a button front and tuck in a cravat. It will keep your neck warm or simply replace a necklace. I will follow up with a styled ascot in a couple weeks.


White Button Front Shirt

With the exception of my London lover, I do attest to the fact that a woman looks better in a white button front shirt than a man does.

Man Belt

Whether it is a thick brown leather belt cowboys like to wear or an elaborate dress belt, a man’s belt looks delicious worn at the high waist of a woman. For thinner women, find the smallest size you can of the belt and then take it to a cobbler to cut it down to your size.


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