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How To Look Slim In Pictures And On Camera

Kelly-Jenny Craig

Last week I was hired to dress eight fabulous women and one upbeat fella who have lost anywhere from 25 to 275 pounds using a popular weight loss program. Although it is obvious how much weight they lost, the goal was to make them look their most slim for their testimonials. 

Before I share with you the fashion tips to looking your most slim in front of the camera, I want to give a whopping praise to the dedication and strength it took for these people to change their lives. I had a perpetual tear in my eye listening to these people talk about their life before and after the weight loss. These people feel unstoppable now. Nothing is too hard or scary for them anymore. Applause.

Melissa- Jenny Craig

Now to looking slim in front of the camera. For Kelly, pictured above, when I first asked her to try on the skinny jeans she was upset. She thought skinny jeans would make her look bigger instead of slimmer. I asked her to trust me and try them on. She had never looked slimmer. The slim fit with slim leg will make a woman look… slim. Boot cuts, and flare legs interrupt the long line of your leg making you look wider and as a result look shorter as well. As long as the skinny jean isn't skin tight, you can bet on a flattering look.

I chose the top she is wearing because it hits her mid hip and has center front ruching. A top that has a close-to-the-body fit and hits mid-hip will create a long torso. The ruching will hide any imperfections on the belly with it's subtle bunching.

For Melissa, our second girl pictured, I used the skinny jean tip as well keeping in mind that solid colors are the most slimming. Three-quarter length sleeves also creates lean arms and the look-at-me buttons marching in a line up her torso gives a longer look. 

Mary- Jenny Craig

For our last woman, I put her in a v-neck blouse with a band at the end. The v-neck is a thinning look for all the women because it shows off unaffected skin and creates a flow to the look. With a band on your top you can raise the top up a bit, so it can lift away from her belly to hide any imperfections while still showing the thin width at the high hip. I chose the slacks for the straighter leg to create that lean look, but in a thick ponte fabric to hide imperfections. Also, you will notice I put all the women in heels.

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