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How To Pack Efficient Style For Greece


Before many of my clients go on trips, male or female, they bring me in to pack them in an efficient manner. I make sure they only take what is necessary and everything can mix and match. I did this for myself before my two-week trip to Greece. In fact, I had a date the night before I left and the fella made a surprised comment on the small size of my patterned suitcase. When I inquired about his shock, he replied, “It’s just every girl I have seen will pack just about everything they can throw at a wall.” Once I recovered from the offensive comment and gave him a swift kick to the arse, I decided to write a blog about what I packed and share some of the photos. My apologies for the non-fashion based images, I just thought they were fun.

Packing List: Clothing

1) Two Pairs of Shorts: Free People skort (Pic 1, 4) and tan J. Crew shorts

2) One olive green American Apparel leotard that goes with both shorts (Pic 1,4)

3) One Charlotte Russe white button front tunic to be tucked into the tan shorts as well as wear over jeggings on the plane. (Pic 13)

4) Gap Jeggings (Used on flight and horseback riding)

5) Three day dresses that could be dressed up for night if I couldn’t get back to the hotel before night time festivities. (Nordstrom [Pic 6], Vocabulary Boutique [Pic 16])

6) Scanty things: One regular bra (Target), one racer back lounge bra (Gap), One royal blue beach coverup, Two bikinis: one string (D&G), one sporty (Victoria’s Secret).

7) One dressier dress: Marc Jacobs wannabe BP dress [Pic 11]

8) Running clothes: Sports bra, tee, short shorts (The Closet), three pairs of white athletic socks

9) Shoes: black flip flops, nice gold sandals (complimented every outfit packed), light grey tennis shoes (for jeans and shorts looks), lean running shoes that can be used for rough walking. Notice I didn’t pack any heels.

10) Accessories: One pair of gold earrings and one gold cocktail ring (I made sure to only pack clothing, shoes, and jewelry that call for gold), large patterned scarf (Pic 6)

11) Outerwear: Burgundy American Apparel cape and light green Anorak (Macy’s) in case of rain or chill.

12) Two purses and one fanny pack: Both blue, one for nights out/ lighter carrying days and one for days when you might buy a lot. (Pic  6,16)


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