I have never been a fan of jeans. It used to be the discomfort of it all. I would feel so constricted! Then they came out with those uber softy soft denim. I own them and periodically wear them when I have a particularly wild top that needs to be tamed with some ‘ol blue jeans. Still, it is a rare occurrence… until I found my lemon yellow Paige jeans. I love them. I love them. I love them. When I wear them, they put a smile on my face. I don’t feel like a ray of sunshine. No, no simile here – i AM a ray of sunshine when I wear these sweet pants.

I will tell you that all bright-bright jeans will look trendy or dated (same thing), with the exception of yellow. All forms of yellow will stand the test of time. All other colored denim in the stores right now must be chosen carefully. Here is your cheat sheet….

Trendy/Dated Green Denim (Bad)


Unique/Flattering Green Denim (Good)

Marc Jacobs in Cadmium, J Brand in JuniperBlue Essence iconin Green, Michael Kors in Fresh Lime icon

Note: That Michael Kors fresh lime is kind of ugly right? Have you heard of ugly fabulous? This is it. I love that baby poop color on a jean. I am sure you know, but that color should stay on your jeans and away from your face. Pair this bizarre shade with white, brown and navy tops.

Trendy/Dated Pink Denim (Bad)Pink-denim-bad

Unique/Flattering Pink Denim (Good)


J Brand in coralBlue Essence in cotton candy,  Joe’s in NectarMother in redwood, Blue Essence in coral spice iconicon

Trendy/Dated Red Denim (Bad)


Unique/Flattering Red Denim (Good)

Red-denim-goodWit and Wisdom in watermelon, Blue Essence in red beauty, Jolt in scarlet iconiconicon

Trendy/Dated Purple-ish Denim (Bad)


Unique/Flattering Purple-ish Denim (Good)


Habitual Alice Skinny JeansVigoss in lavender icon