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Great Gatsby Fashion For Modern Day


dress: ASTR, shoes: Seychelles, earrings: House of Harlow 1960, bracelet (rt): Gorjana, bracelet (lft): Vince Camuto, watch: Styleco, necklace & rings: Argento Vivo, purse: vintage. Vintage Photos Source: My Vintage Vogue

The flourish of the 1920's style is by far my favorite look of decades past. I relish the resurgence of the fashion brought on by the newest Great Gatsby film with Carey Mulligan and Leonardo Dicaprio. Beyond it's obvious appeal of sparkles, jewels, fur, tassels and hats, the style calls to me on a personal note. When I look at a drop waist frock, paired with a pile of necklaces and a silly hat, I see the purpose of modern day fashion in its truest form. Fashion is supposed to be fun and no decade's style is more fun, more dazzling. Dressing in a 20's look, reminds me of my little girl self covering up in a sparkley teal robe, sporting a crown and plenty of jewelry, dancing around my room in my mother's heels. I was not doing this for a man, I was not doing it for society, I was doing it for me. I was dressing up for fun. The Great Gatsby look is for you, my god, get into the fun of it. 

To reap all the joyful benefits of the jazz age clothing, throw a themed party, but adding it to your everyday life is easier than you think. A pile of pearls and diamonds here, an incredible hat there, and a drop waist dress tomorrow will give you the essence. 

Flapper Turban - thefleurdefashion.blogspot.com 1920s-hat-sally-oneil

Jennafer Grace $18

1920's was all about interesting hats, with the cloche being the most stereotypical; however, numerous head coverings were used from larger brim hats and silk scarves to turbans. 



Half Past Noon $88

Long necklaces of pearls, diamonds, pendants and more, more, more says 1920's. Recently I visited London's Victoria & Albert Museum to find a delicious glimpse of the 1920's tassel necklace. 



ASTR $69

The 1920's is absolutely famous for the drop waist, an generally unflattering silhouette that works best on women with lean arms and longer legs. This silhouette is hard on the busty and those with extra weight, but if you are feeling the look, sport it. I love wearing a short and breezy drop waist dress in cotton for day (first picture) and going all out with the beads and sequined drop waist for evening

What is your favorite part of the 1920's? Please share in a comment below.

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  1. Hi Didi,
    My pleasure, it is a gorgeous necklace! Thank you for reading V-Style!
    – Vanessa 🙂

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