Cell phones have cut deeply into the utilitarian aspect of the watch market, yet it thrives. Many of my clients refuse to go without a watch for numerous reasons. One being, it is still easier to look at your wrist then climb into your pocket or purse to check the time on your cell. The other reason is the beauty of a watch. A watch is an accessory, a bracelet or status symbol. I wear my favorite gold watch constantly for no other reason than it looks good and makes me feel efficient. I have yet to set it to the right time.


This month’s shopping list has included a black and gold watch for a husband, an all gold watch, a Cartier lover and a watch to go with everything. During my browsing of all these requests, I discovered this stunning blue watch by Marc Jacobs, followed by more blue watches, when I decided a blue watch equals divinity. This doesn’t fit the criteria of my current watch seeking clients, but I thought one of you must have this. Once I got the idea of a blue watch in my head, I sought out others like this Kate Spade for the more conservative consumer, and a Juicy Couture for you flashier folk.