minimalist fashion blogger blue round sunglasses

When I was young, I felt things sharper, focused easily, everything had meaning and time went by slowly, especially when waiting for my Instyle Magazine to arrive. Once in my hands, I would sit in my room and take in every image and word of the publication. Nowadays, my fashion magazines sit under my coffee table for months before I get to them. I realized the other day I was reading a July issue… from last year.

A lot has changed in sixteen years, especially my personal style, but I have to admit, I would still wear my ‘Meg Ryan’ looks inspired by her characters in Addicted to Love and French Kiss. In my teens, I was in complete adoration of these characters’ style, and in some cases I directly copied her outfits and accessories, including her blue tinted round sunglasses. For most people, round sunglasses conjure up the sixties and the image of John Lennon sporting the circular dark shades, but for me, it will always be Meg Ryan.

Meg ryan blue round sunglasses

To my delight, round frames are creeping up in stores everywhere and D’Blanc makes the perfect modern pair of blue round sunglasses. For those not quite into the blue, they also come in non-blue tints. I have a few more round sunglass options on my Best Sunglasses Right Now post, but, before you dive in, let’s talk about the two rules. One, circular sunglasses work best with strong jaws and/or defined cheek bones. Round faces with soft lines will be overwhelmed by the additional roundness. Notice that both Meg Ryan and I have very pointed jaws. Two, there are some overly large round sunglasses out there and they are not flattering on anyone. They make you look like a bee. Best to get the round glasses on the smaller side.

minimalist blue round sunglasses

Photos by Dayley Photography