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How To Wear All One Color


Monotone dressing is an art form. A simple, yet complicated gallery of garments that need to be embraced with confidence. When dressing in all one color, you will get attention. It is too interesting to ignore, too chic to dismiss, and too fabulous to skip. 

If you are going to dress in all one color, let's begin with a timeless one that flatters you. For instance, wearing all yellow when most of that particular hue doesn't flatter your skin tone, puts you onto the wrong path. Once you've chosen the right color, the key to creating a whole outfit from it is to combine the dark side of that color's spectrum with the lighter side. You want to create contrast. You also want to avoid the bright-bright tones when going for monotone. It is backpack and can be oddly shocking when used in monotone looks. It turns you into the blob of (insert color of choice).

Pictured is a perfect example of a successful monotone look. The sea of greens is a delicious collection of hues for fair skinned blonds, and the mint paired with deep emerald have stunning differences. I also love how the darker green draws the line, literally, between the top and matching cardigan. You never really want two of the same shade smacked next to each other. And the difference of texture between the blouse and the Halogen pencil skirt, with the brown belt in between seals the perfection of this monotone creation. A complimentary belt that steps away from the color scheme is a great tool to break up the monotony of wearing all one color.

The last tip for wearing all one color, is mix it up with the jewelry. Keep the oneness with the clothing and sometimes the shoes, not your jewels. The woman pictured is wearing a gold bracelet. Had she been wearing a green bracelet, the outfit steps out of chic street wear and ushers it into costumey candy land zone. Too much of a good thing is too much. 


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