Vita Fede Swirl Ring

Many of my clients come to me with no jewelry collection. After a client and I are done with the closet purge I ask, "Okay, where is your jewelry?" Some people will literally look at me and point to the diamonds in their ears (real or faux, I will not ask) and/or a wedding ring (real or faux, I will not ask), and tell me that is it. There may be a few old rings or single earrings puddled in a small wooden box, but that's it.

Beyond those that have no jewelry, I find the biggest element missing from everyone's jewelry collection are cocktail rings. I have not had one client that had much of a ring collection. For some it is a comfort thing. They can't handle the weight of a fashion ring on their finger. Others, simply were not in tune with its existence. 

During the size portion of my consultation, before I even broach the subject of adding rings to one's repertoire, I ask for ring size and everyone, every single person, tries to tell me the size of their ring finger. The finger that often already has a constant ring on it. When my married and engaged clients try to tell me the size of their ring finger, I say, "My friend, your fella dresses that finger. I dress theses two [pointer and middle finger]. Tell me the size of these."

To my unmarried clients that try to tell me their ring finger size, I say, "My friend, that finger looks best naked. I dress these two [pointer and middle finger]. Tell me the size of these."

The point I am taking too long to make is that cocktail rings and fashion rings belong on your pointer and middle finger. Now that you have the right finger, feel free to sport large and fabulous rings day or night, as long as you are not in a conservative office space. I also recommend skipping a bracelet on the wrist connected to the hand with the large ring. It can shorten and fatten your hand if you crowd it with a ring and bracelet. Best to offset the ring with a bracelet on your ringless/wedding band hand.