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Personal Stylist Purchase – Kelly & Katie Nude Heels


I adore the patent leather nude heel that has stormed across shoe stores everywhere. Steve Madden, Christian Louboutin, Nine West, Kate Spade, Cole Haan… any brand who is anyone has produced a patent leather nude heel to keep up with YSL’s smashing pair that was released a couple years ago. There is a bit of problem with it though… everyone has it. It will always be a classic shoe to be worn for the ages that lengthens legs, compliments almost any color and steps in where a black or metalic previously stood; however, everyone has it.

Also, anyone who has tripped knows that patent leather is not the best material to have on your foot if you walk a narrow line. If you do not know what I am talking about, put on a patent leather shoe, it need not be nude to experience this. Now rub your heels together. What… you can’t? Exactly. If you are walking quickly and you hit your right heel with your left, you will stumble and or fall. It won’t just graze off each other like it does with smooth leather. You get stuck. I know this because I race everywhere I go. I run, stomp, and gallop all around town no matter my shoe and the patent leather nude heel, although fabulous, can knock me down fast. A pair of patent leather heels are like Superman and Kryptonite. You would think the pair together would be friends considering they are from the same place, but instead it creates calamity.

Considering the trip factor and the no-longer-original look of the traditional patent leather nude heel, I have been on the look out for a nude heel that is not patent leather. This is difficult because a standard leather nude heel looks like an old lady shoe for a wedding. What else is there? Kelly and Katie. I adore this shoe I discovered hidden away in the sale section of DSW. Although, it still has patent leather trim, they are not located at my prime hit points (inner side of my heels and big toe). Plus that texture is utterly fabulous and not to be seen anywhere. Is it imitating faux lizard or is it just tiny diamond shapes? I don’t know and I love it.

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