Citizens of Humanity

I have thought it over, I have tested it out and I have decided. Courdoroy only looks good in a skinny leg. I know there are those up in arms, but it just doesn't look good as a boot leg. Even as a trouser it is not quite there, but no one really makes it in a trouser so that idea shall sit on future's shelf. 

So, the only way I can see corduroy in your fashion life is in a deliciously skinny leg. Pictured are a few of my favorite looks. Feel free to tuck skinny corduroy pants into boots, pair with ballet flats or leather heels. In general I would skip sandals or flip-flops – they are different vibe entirely.

As for the photos, you can see that these skinny corduroys are all paired with some interesting shoe choices. I will recommend to you not to copy them. The suede heel pictured with the Citizens of Humanity pants looks too close to the texture of the pant yet too far – I am no fan of that "almost there" kind of matching. The patten leather round toe heel paired with the J Brand version seems too dressy. Lastly, the clogs teamed with the Blank NYC are simply too ugly.

J Brand Low Rise Pencil Leg

Blank NYC Corduroy Skinny Pants