If I had received the press release for this Ring Guard Solution last month, I wouldn’t have requested a sample because I have never been in a situation where I needed a ring to be smaller in size. What wonderful timing than that I received the press release this month.

Earlier this month I was asked to browse the Lushae jewelry website and select a piece of jewelry to review. Although there were a few pieces that I liked, I was completely enamored with the onyx ring that ended up being featured on the Lushae Product Review. What I didn’t mention in the Product Review is the ring was not offered in my preferred size. My pointer and middle finger is a size 8 and I don’t like to wear rings on my ring finger which is a size 7. The website offered size, 6, 7 and 9. I ordered the size 9 and figured I would wear it on my bloated hand days – you know, a hot day after an evening of numerous glasses of white wine. I am sure my fingers are a size 9 then. And there is always tape I could wrap around the band on my non-boated days…

Then I heard about this Ring Guard Solution and smiled. I requested it, received it, used it on the Lushae Onyx ring and I can tell you that it works. It is a silicon based, clear gel solution that you squeeze onto the band, smooth out with a toothpick if needed and then let dry for three hours. I am wearing the ring right now. It stays on, doesn’t wiggle and is actually more comfortable than my usual rings in the correct size. I get the comfort and light weight feel of a loose fit, but the stay put power of a snug ring.  The gel grips your skin and won’t let the ring slip or slide even if only a thin layer is applied. Keep in mind though that this is not a permanent solution. It can be scraped off easily with a finger nail and can come off through a lot of use.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.