Thanksgiving calls for seeing family. Maybe this fills you with joy, maybe it fills you with dread. Either way, hanging with family for this holiday generally means dressing up to stay in. When dressing nicely for Thanksgiving you must keep in mind three things: warmth – because it might actually be fall that day, comfort – I am guessing this is going to be a long day for you, and unoffensive – Grandma may be drunk and half blind, but she can still spot your cleavage from the other room.

I find jeans to be a nice go to. To the left is a look for a less cold area with the light Proenza Schouler top and Butter flats. Stylish and elegant this look should go over well with everyone. To the right we have a simple and warm look with clean lines and hint of fun. Again, a look for the entire family.

Items to avoid on Thanksgiving: anything that looks like it could go to a club, anything too short, plunging necklines, delicate and/or light colored garments (children and/or food – enough said), complicated shoes or heels (you are in someones home, you may not even be wearing shoes), and pastels. Good luck!