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Client Photos – Tuck In Your Shirt


It is easy to forget the many ways to wear clothing with all those manequinns in all those store windows styled the same way. Tunic after tunic you see flapping around the hips of a skinny pant can make you forget all about just tucking in a shirt. That's right, you can tuck in your shirt. You can even tuck in a tunic if it is made of light enough fabric and you are tucking it into a sturdy pant like denim, like I did with one of my client's – pictured below.


There are two ways you can tuck in a shirt. The first being tightly, as pictured on the model strutting down Bloomingdale's runway. The other way is blousy, as pictured on my client. The first method is for those with a lovely flat belly. The other is for those with a lovely belly belly or muffin top. The blouse method is a terrific way of creating the illusion of a small waist. The blouse portion hides the protruding aspect of the stomach or muffin top while still creating a thin appearance. You see, the eye is drawn to interruptions of an outfit. In this case this interruption is occurring at the thinnest part of the look – the form fitting jeans at your hips and waist. This works best with apple bodies (thin limbs, large belly) and upside triangles (narrow hips, wide waist) or any body type that battles a muffin top. This is least effective for those with large hips and a narrow waist.

To create the tightly tucked look, simply shove the entire hem of your top down your pants (Your pants will most likely need to be unbuttoned and/or unzipped to ensure all the fabric is evenly distributed down there). Make sure this is done all the way around your waist and feel free to put it into your underwear for less risk of coming out when you move around throughout the day.

To create the blouse look. Shove your top down your pants, or shorts for that matter, then slowly pull out a couple inches of fabric all around your waist. Make sure you are pulling out more in the front than in the back and do not take out too much fabric. Too much blouse is no longer flattering. 

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