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Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 2015 – London Fashion Week

jean-pierre braganza winter 2015

Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 2015 was a must-see for me at London Fashion Week. Although he dresses like Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, this plaid wearing fella makes divine clothing. In a few words, his A/W 2015 line is realistic glamour with an edge. Come next fall, we can easily wear these frocks and coats around town, at a party, and if you are so lucky to work in a more creative work space, you can sport some of the looks at the office.

Favorite Looks

Pictured above is my favorite look. Although I don’t condone buying new fur (I allow myself only vintage furs), my good golly, it is gorgeous. And it feels as lovely as it looks. I made sure to stop by the Jean-Pierre Braganza section of the showroom in order to brag of its feel. In the series of images below, the first is my second favorite look, but the shot does not do it justice. In real life, it flows beautifully and the bodice is interesting whereas in the photo it appears to be more a militant napkin than anything else. The deep teal color is also much more rich and vibrant in person. The two looks to follow that image are simply fabulous. I adore the pleats on the torso for their interest as well as their belly hiding abilities. With my pokey-out stomach, I kiss the face of a clothier that allows me to keep my belly on the down low. The pictures after are my other favorites for one reason or another. I do adore that forest green coat at the end, but the styling of it not so much.

Style Right Away

Some style cues you can take away immediately is his use of deep teal and burgundy. We must seek out these colors. They are season-less, rich, and sexy. They work as neutrals as well as pops of color, depending on how you pair them. I also enjoyed his use of knee socks, but that is not exclusive to Mr. Braganza. Many of today’s catwalks were all about the tall socks. When it gets this cold, it’s all about that sock, ’bout da sock. I couldn’t believe when I spied a woman today with bare feet in a pair of sandal wedges. Despite the crazy fashion all around me, I found her pale tootsies the most shocking.

jean-pierre-braganzajean pierre braganzajean pierre braganzajean pierre braganzajean pierre braganza

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  1. That burgundy and red dress!

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