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Jil Sander Designs Now Available At Uniqlo


I love fast fashion, but I do get frightened of three things. We lose
the quality and imagination of amazing high-end designers, the
amount of overseas construction and factory workers (here and there) being exploited. Still, fast fashion is here to stay and everyone is in love.

"The collection [for Uniqlo] lived up to Jil Sander’s intention to bring quality basics
to the masses," wrote Christine Muhlke from The Moment. She goes on to describe opening day, "At 9 a.m., the line outside Uniqlo in SoHo was already stretching
toward Dean & Deluca. By 10, it was around the block. Stores in
London and Paris had already sold out. The well-dressed, well-behaved
(for the moment) shoppers would soon find that Jil Sander’s new line
for the cheap-chic chain was worth the wait."

High-end labels designing affordable limited edition lines for stores like Uniqlo, Target, TopSHop, Payless, H&M etc., is creating a frenzy with shoppers. It's almost as if these affordable designer lines are like The Beatles. Women waiting, screaming, crying, running and grabbing for … no not a young Paul McCartney, but a well-made, good -fitting Jil Sander designed winter coat for $149. Definitely a billboard of the times.

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