One of my favorite cold season trends is the boot tucked into a pair of women's jeans. It's sleek, it's sexy, it's comfortable, but it takes some major twisting and shoving to try to get your jeans from bunching out of your boot. Then when you bend or sit down they jeans come WAY out so then you have to shove them back in throughout the day and so on. Basically all I can do is wear the tightest denim possible and just hope it looks as good as Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and other chic celebrities in their sophisticated denim-boot look. 


But now there is a real solution. I just discovered Stiruppz, a logical invention that keeps your jeans anchored to your feet. Created by two Virginia born bartenders who love the streamlined look of jeans in boots, Stiruppz is constructed of a little elastic and some strong clips … and they actually work! I am wearing them now as I write. Thanks Jen and Lisa for inventing these thingies!