I adore adorned dresses, bedazzled frocks, embellished garments; however you want to say it, they are stunning and timeless. A couple ladies spotted in some stunning embellishments are Kristin Davis and Carey Mulligan of late. (Side note, these dresses have a very similar vibe. Kristin Davis is wearing Pre Fall 2010 Oscar de La Renta and Carey Mulligan is in Prada – season unknown to me even after 30 minutes of research.) Another incredible "small things attached to it" dress is on Sarah Jessica Parker in Lanvin at ShoWest last week.

Sarah jessica parker

Aren't they all just delicious! And yet I will never buy anything like this. Although I do own a few items with embellishments, the upkeep and disaster factor is too high. Disaster factor? You loose pieces of the dress and it never looks the same again. Upkeep? Well, sewing the pieces you lost back on and of course the dry cleaning. And by the way it never really gets clean because you can't actually clean something with little things sewn onto it.

I find dry cleaning to be annoying, expensive and something I just don't want to deal with. I go to the dry cleaner maybe twice a year. I try at all cost not to buy items that need to be dry cleaned. I just don't like the idea of having to continually pay for an item I already own. It is the old imigrant woman inside me. So farewell gorgeous dresses, you will not be hanging in my closet. Efficiency dictates.