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A Conversation With Designer Francisco Medavog


Last week I interviewed my friend Francisco Medavog. You may know him as a vintage couture collector that provides Decades with gorgeous merchandise. Or perhaps you saw one of his vintage collections in a Museum. What you may not know is that he was a promising young designer until 1997 when his friend and muse died. Although his love for fashion, sewing and collecting continued he would not make another garment for eleven years.

In spring of 2008, Francisco was encouraged to audition for Project Runway. He created a couture garment in three days and met with Tim Gunn. “They loved me and my designs, but he said Project Runway does not begin careers.” Fransisco was told to start designing again and then come back. It would take another year before he designed again.

In March of 2008 Francisco attended a house warming party of mine and was intrigued by my dress. He loved the look, but wanted to elaborate on it. Spurred by the support of his partner and a chance meeting with a socialite wanting him to make her a dress, he designed a dress that was inspired by my party frock. It was not until I interviewed him that I discovered this. Consider me flattered!

From there he designed a collection for Hispanic Fashion Week in San Diego titled Grecian.E.tronic and a line of bathing suits for San Diego’s Bikini Week titled Cleopatra 3000 A.D. But the hot news is Francisco’s trip to Europe this fall. He will to design a 2010 collection, titled TENOCHTITLAN 3000 A.D. Why he is going to Europe to design a Mexican collection is beyond me, but I hear the creative process is a fickle mistress. Consisting of 100 pieces plus fifteen gowns, Medavog describes his upcoming collection as “rock&roll red carpet inspired by Mexican culture.”

After this collection shows his garments will be sold privately, meaning no mass production. His goal is to create one-of-a-kind dresses for celebrities and socialites. “I want people to want it and wonder why they can’t have it.” Needles to say, for Francisco fashion design is a creative goal driven by ego instead of good old-fashion monetary greed. Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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