Most Comfortable Jeans: High Waisted Stretch Jeans

most comfortable jeans

Madewell $135

No one saw me in jeans for about 30 years. Why? They were uncomfortable. I obviously understood the versatility of jeans, but I couldn’t comprehend why everyone was so dedicated to such a claustrophobic and starch garment. I understand the idea of “people not knowing better,” so I assumed it was all about being accustomed to the discomfort, and feeling an emotional comfort in a garment so socially acceptable — not to mention they pair well with basically all tops. And, they are warm. I really started wearing jeans when I was between San Diego and London. London was cold and jeans were warm. They’re also a great pant for travel because, as we know, they go with everything. Thus began my search for the most comfortable jeans.

The Origin of The Most Comfortable Jeans

Ten years ago the most comfortable jeans were denim you bought stiff that later became “worn in,” aka softer, after numerous wears and washings. Then there was denim that was comfortable simply because it was baggy. There were also jeans that actually advertised their discomfort. They were practically a contraption, but they “slimmed you!” Thankfully, around the time I personally needed jeans in my life, technology and experimentation in denim had already been moving at a steady clip towards high waists and fabric blends that are, how do you say it? Oh yes, YUMMY.

What Makes The Most Comfortable Jeans So Comfortable?

The most comfortable jeans are comfortable because they have a high waist. Low waisted jeans create muffin tops on literally everyone and are more prone to sagging and showing your thong or butt crack. The second reason the most comfortable jeans are so yummy is because of technology. You can pick up a pair of jeans with the same fabric content, but one is soft and the other, not-so-much. I don’t know how they’ve done it, so I will give credit to technology advancements in fashion. The third reason is my favorite. Denim makers have introduced modal, Tencel, and elastane to their fabric compositions. Although jeans are known for being made of 90%+ cotton, jeans on this list consist of as little as 41% cotton. It’s a whole new world of denim now, and I am officially a convert. I’ve never worn more denim in my life. The vast majority of my clients have always worn denim, but they are loving the new fits and feel as much as I am. I’ve been able to convince women who never wore skinny jeans to adopt the look simply because they are so darn comfortable now.

Liverpool Farrah Pull-On Skinny Ankle Jeans

Made of 59% cotton, 20% rayon, 13% modal, 6% polyester, and 2% Lycra® spandex, these Liverpool Farrah Pull-On Skinny Ankle Jeans are my go-to, pull-on jeans. They are made for untucked shirts and tunics. My clients who hate tucking in their shirts adore these jeans. They are available at Nordstrom, Liverpool, and Amazon.

Mott & Bow High Rise Skinny

I was so excited to be introduced to these Mott & Bow High Rise Skinny -Jane jeans. They are made up of 44% Cotton, 42% Tencel, 13% Polyester, and 1% Elastane, which means, of course, they are comfortable. They come in various shades, but I have featured the medium blue shade because it is the most versatile hue.

Madewell Button Front 10-Inch High Rise Skinny Jeans

I live for these Madewell Button Front 10-Inch High Rise Skinny Jeans. It is seriously difficult to try to choose which pair of jeans on this list are the most comfortable, but these are my personal favorites. They consist of 44% cotton, 42% Tencel lyocell, 13% polyester, and 1% elastane. I’ve never been so excited to wear a jean before. The copper button front and subtle raw hem really add spice to the “same ‘ol” denim look. These are available at Nordstrom and Madewell.

Rag & Bone Cate Chewed Hem Crop Skinny Jeans

most comfortable jeans

Rag & Bone $225 $135

For my short gals, try these Rag & Bone Cate Chewed Hem Crop Skinny Jeans. They are made of 50% modal, 41% cotton, 6% polyester, and 3% elastane. These jeans are available at Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, and Rag & Bone.

Frame Le High Crop Skinny Jeans

most comfortable jeans

Frame $195

These Frame Le High Crop Skinny Jeans are made up of 47% modal, 44% cotton, 6% polyester, and 3% elastane. Enjoy the classic skinny jeans look in comfort.

NYDJ Ami Stretch Skinny Jeans In Bernal

most comfortable jeans

NYDJ $139

NYDJ evolves slowly, but surely. They are akin to the turtle in the race. These NYDJ Ami Stretch Skinny Jeans consist of 59% cotton, 20% viscose, 13% modal, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane. They are available at Nordstrom and NYDJ.

NYDJ Ami Stretch Skinny Jeans In Lucien

most comfortable jeans

NYDJ $139

These NYDJ Ami Stretch Skinny Jeans are a lovely lighter version of the jeans listed above. I love this color for a more casual, fresh look. They are made up of 59% cotton, 20% viscose, 13% modal, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane, and are available at Nordstrom, NYDJ, and Bloomingdale’s.

Reformation High & Skinny Jeans

Reformation High & Skinny Jeans are a bit famous among the sustainable crowd. These are the only jeans made up of 57% Organically Grown Cotton, along with 37% TENCEL™ Modal, 4% Elasterell-p and 2% Elastane. There have been conflicting accounts of these jeans, simply because the original black shade of this style was made up of a different fabric content that was apparently softer than this current version. This version is still comfortable and soft, and the fabric content I have listed is true for all the colors shown when you click on the link. They are available at Nordstrom and Reformation.

My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from brands or PR firms. In this case, I was sent a sample from Mott & Bow. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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