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My Toiletries Checklist When Traveling + Best Toiletry Bags

toiletries checklist

Travel Tips For Toiletries

My #1 tip for toiletries is to buy doubles and purchase travel-size versions of what you need. This way you never actually have to pack your toiletry bag — you just have to refill or replace some items. I like doing this after each trip so that I’m ready to go for the next one. The only time this doesn’t make sense is if you travel so little your products would expire.

Also, if you need regular exfoliation, but need to save space, skip the Clarisonic and pack a muslin cloth to wash your face with instead. I use the Eve Lom cloths. Bring two. They dry super fast, but it’s nice to have a backup, especially if you are traveling for a couple weeks or more.

Best Toiletry Bags

I highly recommend a clear toiletry bag. It’s so much more efficient than shoving your hand into a dark abyss or having to pour everything out to look for that one thing you need. Here are my favorites:

  1. Basics from Bed Bath & Beyond
  2. Ted Baker
  3. Wodison
  4. Sonia Kashuk
  5. Shany


My Toiletries Checklist

Obviously, every person’s toiletry needs are different. Some people have creams, serums, and hair products they need that others don’t, and so on. With that said, I believe I have the most comprehensive, yet minimalist toiletry checklist. It’s taken years to learn exactly what to pack. I’ve packed too much, and I’ve packed too little. The key is to find that balance in your travel hygiene regime between neglect and pampering.

  1. Face wash
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Night serum
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Plackers floss in a travel pack
  6. Nimbus extra soft toothbrush
  7. Travel container of CloSYS mouthwash (The best mouthwash for your gums!)
  8. Small nail clippers
  9. Nail file
  10. Travel scissors
  11. Body lotion (Right now I use Weleda face cream on my body when I travel.)
  12. Travel Size Q-Tips (Or, I put a handful into a short snack baggie to save space.)
  13. Travel size deodorant 
  14. Nail polish remover pad
  15. Travel container of my fancy shampoo
  16. Travel container of my hair styling spray
  17. Travel size of “prep & protect” hair spray
  18. Hair tie (The best hair tie; never breaks my hair.)
  19. Disposable razor
  20. Vaseline
  21. Neosporin
  22. A few sheets of Topstick

Note: I don’t pack body wash. I often use my face wash on my body or use the soap provided by my lodgings.



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