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New Fashion Invention – ‘Bittersweet’ Hair Tie Holder Bracelet

hair ties that don't leave a crease

top: J.Crew (now on sale), jeans: J.Brand, bracelet: BitterSweet (use code VSTYLE for 25% off)

The Problem

Many women walk around with a hair tie on their wrist. They either slip that elastic onto their arm at the beginning of the day in case they need to put their hair up, or it ends up on the wrist later in the day when they let their hair down to relax. If you are one of these women that need a hair tie close at hand, you are aware that the elastic cuts into your flesh and often leaves an indentation. It is quite the sore both for the eye as well as our skin. I hate it. Apparently so does another San Diegan.

The Invention

Shireen Maria always wore an elastic hair tie on her wrist, but disliked the unsightly and uncomfortable indent. She also didn’t like the look of the actual hair tie sitting on her wrist. Her attentive engineer husband saw her conundrum and invented the hair tie holder bracelet. Branded as Bittersweet, the invention is now available to the masses.

The Reaction

I am absolutely charmed by this clever cuff. The Bittersweet bracelet works beautifully. The elastic is held in place by a defined groove in the center of the bracelet. It is simple, stylish and effective. I can’t wait to share it with the models that I work with. Why? Models often show up to photo shoots with a hair tie on their wrist. The minute I see that elastic band, I rush to them and tell them to take it off immediately, otherwise the indentation will have to be removed with photoshop. It adds needless work for the photographer.

Materials & Details

The Bittersweet cuff bracelet comes in two designs: hammered and floral, and three metals: gold, silver and rose gold. You can choose between steel with the metallic finish of your choosing ($45) or precious metals ($85). The precious metals are all 925 sterling silver or silver with 22k gold or rose gold plating. Pictured is the flower design in steel with a gold finish ($45). They also make custom creations and do engravings.

As for sizing, the circumference of the bracelet is about 6.75 inches. That was a bit loose for me, so I squeezed it, and bent it to 6.5 inches. This fits perfectly. Now it won’t fall off when the elastic isn’t there to complete the circle. I imagine it can be bent a little larger instead. By the by, careful when bending it. Be gentle and only bend it once. You don’t want to weaken the metal. Last noteworthy tidbit: every bracelet comes with a hair tie in the color of your choosing. That small generosity makes me smile.

UPDATE: Use code VSTYLE to get 25% off

hair ties that don't leave a creasebittersweet bracelethair ties that don't leave a creasestylish sweatshirt

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7 Responses

  1. The coupon code does not work

  2. Coupon codedwould not work for me as well.

  3. its a shame the coupon code does not work, even though there is not a expiration dated noted 🙂

  4. Linda Ray says:

    Do you make these for little girls (5 years old)?

  5. My rose gold bittersweet bracelet is turning yellow. Is there anyway to get it fixed?

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