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Nineties Fashion No Nos

nineties fashion no nos

Last week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York brought out all the fashion lovers from writers and buyers, to celebrities and stars. As usual, everyone brings their “A” game to the eight day event with cutting edge looks and en vogue pieces. Often this effort can go awry. I was shocked to see not one, but two actresses wearing straight from the nineties looks, a decade I am openly not in favor. Brooklyn Decker was spotted in a cropped and fitted high neck Sally La Pointe top, a high waisted flared pencil skirt and pointy black Jean-Michel Cazabat stilettos. Lessons to learn from Decker’s nineties fashion no nos…

Nineties No-No: Tight, Cropped and High-Necked

Even if you are a nine-year old performing at your lyrical dance performance for your parents and peers, a cropped and tight top with a high neck isn’t going to work for you. If you have even a minuscule bit of stomach pudge, it will show. When combined with a high neck, your breasts will then disappear if you have none, creating a sports bra look. On the other hand, if you do have breasts, you will look wide and stout. This kind of top, especially when paired with a high waisted skirt, is exactly the opposite of a lengthening look. It shortens and widens everything from your waist to your neck.

Nineties No-No: Flared Skirt With Pointy Heels

Pointy toe heels look best with lean looks like a pencil skirt, straight leg pants, or a dress with a basic hem. When you pair sharp black heels with a soft pink flared skirt, you get a non-sensical look with a silhouette reminiscent of a witch.

Nineties No- No: Alternating Two Colors

Boring. When talking glamour, the nineties loved to keep it simple. Let’s use black, then pink, oh, and then black again. One of the most astute lessons Sarah Jessica Parker learned from Pat Field was tossing matchy-matchy out the window. Unusual color combinations is the essence of true fabulosity.

nineties fashion no-nos

We can also learn some lessons from Christina Ricci. This nineties lover closed fashion week in a black and white Marc Jacobs ensemble.

Nineties No-No: Black & White! (Alternating Two Colors)

Gwen Stefani may sit up in alarm, while a few of my clients slouch in sadness, but black and white is not the best look. More often than not, it washes you out and looks Beetle Juice costumey, too 60’s or… too nineties. Christina Ricci really embraced the nineties version of black and white with this matching top and long skirt that bares her belly and crops her legs. A look this stark and repetitive will always wear you, versus flowing into your body and features.

Nineties No-No: Serious Belly Baring

Flashing your midriff can be a fun in a casual or funky look, not in a harsh outfit with serious heels. Exactly what the nineties loved, Ricci’s look creates an imbalance of casual and serious.

Nineties No- No: Chunky Heels With A Long Skirt

The nineties loved to make your body look its worst, then turn you into a witch. (The nineties loved witches. The Craft anyone?) When wearing a longer skirt like this, a chunky pointed toe Mary Jane heel gives you clown feet. An open toe wedge would be a better heel for a longer skirt.

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