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Personal Style Profile – Marc Crawford

personal style profile marc crawford

Name: Marc Crawford

Occupation: Commercial Insurance Broker

Wearing: Suit – Calvin Klein, Shirt – Brooks Brothers, Tie – Brioni, Tie Bar – Vintage, Watch – Rolex, Belt – J. Crew, Shoes – Saks, Socks – Paul Smith

Personal Style: “A blend of the office and the evening, a mix of the work day with the pop of a late dinner. A sense of being put together without the stiffness of a daily suit and tie. Relaxed, but fitted. Sunday morning….now that’s a whole other conversation.”

Favorite Brand/Store: “Ted Baker and Paul Smith. I love the old school British Style Updated.”

Favorite Fashion Trick:  “I have a couple, all borrowed from people far more stylish than I… Metal collar stays makes a slightly wrinkled shirt look like it pops. Slim fit 100% cotton non-iron dress shirts (Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers,CK) [eliminates] weekly trips to the cleaners. No more cotton blends! Looks great right out of the dryer. For watch lovers, have your tailor add a second button to you cuff, behind the first, this will tighten the cuff and allow your watch to stay in place and not get lost under your cuff.”

On A Woman: “I really like a pencil skirt, of course with some heels. It’s a really sexy silhouette.”



Personal Style Profiles feature folks with a strong sense of fashion. These individuals are not my clients..

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