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Personal Stylist Purchase – Tabitha Dress

I haven’t met anyone that didn’t love Anthropologie, including myself, but I must say, I next to never buy anything for myself there and rarely buy anything for clients. Besides the inflated prices, the selection generally doesn’t wow me. I find they sell ambience more than anything else.

I popped in the other day to enjoy the Anthropologie world and keep up with their current clothing when I spied this fine frock. The shape is amazing and the print and fabric combo is fabulous. I tried on the size 4 in the store and knew a size 6 would be perfect. They didn’t have a 6, but not to fret, Anthropologie does complimentary shipping if they don’t have your size. Viola, this dress is mine. I love it. Great work dress if you work in a non conservative office, or for a personal stylist meeting clients.

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  1. Not to upset you or anything, but I consider myself a fashion enthusiast (its my major) as well and I just purchased this dress today at the thrift for around 6 bucks. I fell in love with it for the same reasons you did and came back home to search the web to find out it’s retail. Thanks for the blog post that gave me my answer.
    Yours truly,
    BTW, Love your blog. 😉

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