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Product Review: Mango Tree Fitted Bangles

I adore bracelets. There is something sexy and flirty about the right wrist adornment. On the flip side, there is something annoying and disruptive about the wrong bracelet. A wrong one can be cumbersome, bag about your arm, catch on your clothing, and/or mar a good outfit.

This week I was sent a Mango Tree fitted bangle bracelet. You won’t find a Mango Tree on the wrong side of the tracks. These bracelets are hand carved, hand painted bangles made from organic mango trees that no longer yield fruit. Beyond the non waste, non toxic aspect of Mango, they are stylish and efficient.

On the stylish note, they come in three different styles: Bold, Silm, and, Samba – or as I like to call them: chunky, a lot thinner than chunky, and pointed edge. These three styles come in fifty colors, half of which blow me away with their beautiful swirls of pigment and design. I am drooling over these hues in particular: Lapis Lazuli, Sand Stone, Tiger Eye, Yellow Stone, and Mother Earth. Mother Earth is what I am wearing right now on the Samba style.


Obviously my favorite feature of Mango Tree’s jewelry is the stylish note it hits, but a close second is the efficiency. Mango Tree bracelets come in four different styles enabling tiny and large wrists to live in harmony. No more of that, “Oh, it can’t fit on my wrist,” or “It might fall off.” Insert pouting face. Instead everyone can enjoy a sung fit, that fits. Insert happy face.

Also, they are light weight and stay put. I requested the small size instead of the extra small size so that I could push the bracelet higher on my forearm for a leaner look. It worked out perfectly. There it sits on my forearm as I type. This way it doesn’t hit my keyboard as I fire out my words.

I recommend pairing them with your casual, dressy casual and business casual looks. Skip it for a dressy and traditionally professional looks.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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